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The K team specialises in knowledge intensive AI systems, i.e. systems that take their power from the ability to manipulate explicitly represented knowledge, potentially in combination with a wide variety of AI techniques.



K is a LORIA team interested by symbolic artifical intelligence (knowledge-based systems).
Such a system is usually composed of one (or more) inference engine(s) and of one (or more) knowledge base(s).
The main issues are:

    • how to design inference engines, and
    • how to build knowledge bases used by the inference engines.

Reasoning (or inferences) and knowledge are strongly connected: reasoning produces knowledge  on the basis of other knowledge and a piece of knowledge is a data exploited by a reasoning process.

Knowledge is at the center of the work of the K team which addresses 3 main research topics:

  • data science (and knowledge discovery),
  • knowledge engineering,
  • reasoning (hypothetical and deductive).